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This site is dedicated to providing information about the new supplement called "7-Keto" and the safety of fast weight-loss products known as "natural fat burners" and specifically to those seeking clinical information about the ephedrine-free product called Lean System 7 created by iSatori Technologies.

With the introduction of Lean System 7, a new frontier has been established in nutritional sciences: triple-action advanced natural fat burners and thermogenic activation system™. Initial documentation on this site include the clinical findings of Dr. John Zenk (pictured at right) in a recent interview with Real SOLUTIONS magazine, followed by a Lean System 7 Research Report by Stephen Adele, Editor-in-Chief of Real SOLUTIONS.

"Lessons in Getting and Staying Lean"

Questions and Answers About a Novel Approach to Breaking Through Sticking Points and Losing Those Last Stubborn Pounds to Achieve and Maintain Your Ideal Bodyfat Levels

— Interview from Real SOLUTIONS magazine with John L. Zenk, M.D.

A recent study indicated that when you lose a mere 10% of your bodyweight, your metabolism drops by a staggering 15%. That's why trying to lose those last eight to 10 stubborn pounds of bodyfat can seem literally impossible—like you've "hit a wall." What's happening? Your metabolic system is always seeking balance. So whenever you try to lose weight, your body instantly fights back. It's a complex biological process whereby your body is forcing you back to your original weight—a phenomenon doctors have termed your body's "set point." However, a new scientific discovery has found it is possible to shift or "re-set" the position of the set point to help stimulate a more youthful, active metabolism... and it has researchers and dieters excited about the potential to permanently and naturally achieve and maintain an ideal bodyweight.

In our first issue of Real SOLUTIONS, Dr. John Zenk revealed to us a new breakthrough, patented supplement for increasing the body's metabolic rate—safely and naturally... to aid in weight loss and bodyfat reduction—called 7-Keto™. To say the least, the response (and questions) we received shortly after was almost overwhelming. People from all walks wanted to know more about it, asking, "How does it work? What does the research say? How do I use it? And is it safe?"

So, in an effort to bring you the most accurate, up-to-date, straightforward answers to your questions, we called on the 7-Keto expert himself, Dr. John Zenk, to answer your most frequently asked questions on breaking through the body's set point, new research on bodyfat reduction, weight loss, using 7-Keto, and more.

Real SOLUTIONS: In your opinion, why are so many Americans seemingly losing the war against fat?

Dr. John Zenk: Americans love to "super-size" their meals. We also are extremely busy—eating on the run, so fast food meals have become a way of life for many families. And oftentimes, once we are home, we sit on the couch, clutch the remote, and watch TV while almost unconscientiously snacking on high-calorie, highly processed foods. Compounding this with a lifestyle of inactivity only adds to more weight woes. To be quite blunt, it adds up to the "fattening of America." The obesity epidemic that's plagued America seems to be a grim consequence of Western affluence, over-consumption, and inactivity.

RS: Isn't losing weight as simple as balancing the calories you take in with the energy you expend to burn them off?

Dr. Zenk: Interestingly, this old theory of calories in versus calories burned is being replaced with a new, more complex view that every person's weight has a "set point" that is resistant over short periods to either gain or loss but may shift with age. This process is more technically referred to as "metabolic adaptation." The position of this set point is under the control of our bodies' natural feedback mechanisms, which ultimately control our metabolisms and our appetites.

Set-point theory states an individual's metabolism will adjust itself to maintain a weight it's comfortable with. If calories are restricted, the metabolic rate falls in an attempt to preserve fat stores. This is nature's way of preventing starvation. Once weight is lost and calories are no longer restricted, the metabolic rate rises once more. Many studies have sought to evaluate if the set point can be altered, and some have gone as far as clinically monitoring the caloric intake and exercise of candidates—and found that most individuals can't lose weight permanently.

RS: So, let's get this straight... Is the set-point mechanism the reason people find it so hard to lose weight and keep it off, especially those last 10 lbs or so?

Dr. Zenk: It's the primary reason it's so difficult for people to lose weight and keep it off. Basically, even though we can override the set point and achieve significant weight loss, unless the original position of the set point changes, our bodies will automatically seek the preexisting weight level when the diet or caloric restriction stops. Since it appears this set point increases to higher weight levels as we age and also considering metabolic rate decreases as we age, it follows that enhancing our metabolism to more youthful levels would lower that set point. This favorable shift in the set point would then naturally allow the body to stay within a favorable weight or bodyfat range after achieving this goal.

RS: Is there any way to adjust or "shift" the set point?

Dr. Zenk: First, let me say scientists who study metabolism and current therapies in fat loss recognize losing excess weight is difficult. Indeed, as many as 95% of people who diet gain back unwanted weight, getting caught in endless cycles of yo-yo dieting. However, the good news is, though research in the area of weight set-point adjustments is early, there are some promising possibilities on the horizon. The most encouraging effects I've witnessed to date are with use of a new, patented dietary supplement called 7-Keto (or its full name: 3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone).

In recent studies, 7-Keto increased the activity of enzymes associated with metabolism (the body's primary fat-burning mechanism). About 60% to 75% of our total energy needs are met through our basal or resting metabolic rate (the rate the body burns calories as opposed to storing them as bodyfat). Even a minor shift in the metabolic rate may have a dramatic impact on calories burned.

Surprisingly, the interest in the possible role of DHEA and its derivatives (e.g., 7-Keto) in bodyweight regulation dates back more than 30 years. In some experiments, DHEA caused laboratory animals to eat more yet suppressed their weight gain. In one study without DHEA, a 50% reduction in food intake was necessary to achieve the same degree of bodyweight changes seen in the rats given DHEA but given the same amount of food.

RS: What is 7-Keto; and why is it so different from DHEA?

Dr. Zenk: 7-Keto is a clinically proven, safe, naturally occurring metabolite of the pro-hormone DHEA. But make no mistake, 7-Keto is not DHEA. Based on the 10 years of diligent research and development by Dr. Henry Lardy of the University of Wisconsin Institute of Enzyme Research, we know 7-Keto offers many of DHEA's benefits (e.g., weight loss, bodyfat reduction, memory enhancement, improved immune functioning, etc.) but without conversion into the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone.

As for weight loss and bodyfat reduction, Dr. Lardy's research shows 7-Keto is even more potent than its parent compound DHEA for stimulating enzymes in the liver responsible for thermogenesis (burning calories), which increases the body's metabolic efficiency. As a result, Dr. Lardy was awarded a prestigious U.S. patent on 7-Keto as a method of promoting weight control without affecting appetite or inducing the synthesis of sex hormones.

RS: Why not use stimulants or other similar weight-loss aids that are so popular today?

Dr. Zenk: Widely used and available in many more popular over-the-counter weight-loss formulas was a chemical called ephedrine (or its herbal counterparts ephedra and/or ma huang) before its recent ban. Its primary mechanism in the body is to increase the release of noradrenaline, a hormone responsible for a laundry list of medical nightmares, such as severely affecting the heart rate, blood pressure, and sympathetic nervous system, to name only a few. In fact, since its introduction in the late 1980's, the FDA received over 1,400 Adverse Event reports, each complaining of harsh side effects, including several startling reports of strokes.

From this data and complaints from users, it's clear to me that stimulant-based, amphetamine-like substances, such as ephedrine, are not the safest way to achieve weight loss.

As well, one should note that the stimulant-based diet pills' first line of defense in weight loss is to stimulate hormones in the brain that suppress appetite. Individuals can lose weight with this method, but they need to keep in mind that suppression of appetite, while it may be effective over the short term, can have unhealthy, detrimental side effects and cannot be taken long term. In addition, their effects are often short-lived and have little if any effect on the body's weight set point.

What's also quite unique about 7-Keto, unlike these short-lived compounds, is that it follows a one-compartment pharmacokinetic model with first order absorption and no lag phase. Which basically means that upon repeated dosing, the compound does not accumulate but rather is maintained at a "steady-state" plasma level. What that means is that you will always have a steady state (therapeutic) blood level of 7-Keto, staying active, when you take it twice daily with no up and downs out of the therapeutic range. Not many supplements have pharmacokinetic analysis similar to what pharmaceutical drugs have.

RS: What scientific research supports 7-Keto as an effective weight-loss aid?

Dr. Zenk: A recent clinical trial, published in Current Therapeutic Research, evaluated 7-Keto's effect on weight loss in healthy human subjects, conducted by an independent clinical research group. Two groups of 15 subjects, average age of 44.5 years, were given either 7-Keto or a placebo. Participants exercised three times a week and followed an 1,800-calorie diet. Each subject in the treatment group received 100 mg of 7-Keto twice daily. Study results at four and eight weeks indicated a statistically significant decrease in bodyweight and bodyfat in the 7-Keto group and no similar effect in the placebo group. By the eighth week, the group receiving 7-Keto lost an average of 200% more bodyfat than those participants who did not take the supplement yet followed the same diet and exercise regimen. Not only was this significantly greater than the placebo group, but these results were equal to or greater than those obtained from many other so-called natural and medical weight-loss remedies. Equally important, 7-Keto was well tolerated, with no reported side effects.

In yet another impressive clinical study recently published in the Journal of Exercise Physiology Online, subjects who were given 7-Keto lost three times more bodyweight and bodyfat than subjects in the placebo group. Weight loss and bodyfat reductions of the participants who used 7-Keto were likely a result of the significant increase in "T3" thyroid hormone activity, as there was no effect on T3 thyroid hormone in the placebo group. Additionally, T3 was not increased outside of acceptable normal ranges. The significant and clinically safe elevation in T3 in this study indicates a probable mechanism of action for 7-Keto-induced weight loss.

RS: Why does T3 thyroid hormone aid in weight loss?

Dr. Zenk: Since T3 is a potent stimulator of metabolism, this degree of elevated T3 production probably "upregulated" the metabolic rate of these subjects. This, in essence, then acts as a modulator of the weight set point, decreasing it to levels associated normally with T3 levels of a younger individual. The mechanism for 7-Keto to increase T3 is not clearly understood, but I would suspect it is linked to its ability to antagonize glucocorticoid action on the hypothalamus, which has the end result of increasing the levels of T3. Again, it should be noted, this significant yet safe increase in T3 activity is one of the reasons people using 7-Keto lost weight. Their metabolism and set point had been reset to a higher level, and they were therefore able to resist any metabolic adaptations.

RS: Can people take 7-Keto on its own and expect to lose weight?

Dr. Zenk: There are no magic bullets in weight loss. 7-Keto cannot produce weight loss without a healthful diet and regular exercise. However, 7-Keto "jump starts" weight loss, making the hard work of dieting and exercise a little easier by making the metabolism of fat more efficient. Think of comparing weight loss with 7-Keto to that of compound interest on a savings account. Very little happens for a short while; in the case of 7-Keto, it can take from two to four weeks; then all of a sudden, exponential improvements are made.

RS: What is the recommended dosage for 7-Keto, and is it safe for long-term use?

Dr. Zenk: Participants in the most common weight-loss studies took 100 mg of 7-Keto twice daily. However, some users have confirmed similar results at doses of 50 mg, taken twice daily.

What's more, since 7-Keto's impact on T3 thyroid hormone facilitates a shift in one's weight set point, it helps keep pounds off now and in the future. After individuals lose weight and/or reach a desired bodyfat level after approximately eight to 12 weeks of use, they can reduce the amount of 7-Keto used, though they must still exercise and follow a sensible diet. If bodyweight begins to increase, 7-Keto can be used again as needed to support metabolic rate.

Both experimental and clinical trials indicate 7-Keto is safe for long-term use. Toxicology studies using 7-Keto found no adverse effects even in doses that would equal 140,000 mg in an average-sized adult. Blood chemistry and liver function remained normal.

RS: Where can people find 7-Keto?

Dr. Zenk: Until now, 7-Keto has not been made widely available, although it has been manufactured under a few select brand names. Because of its expensive price to produce, coupled with the complexities of manufacturing 7-Keto, its supply has been rather limited. It is, however, distributed on a limited basis from a company called iSatori Technologies. Their researchers have formulated a unique, promising new product called Lean System 7, which features 7-Keto with other equally impressive ingredients to work synergistically and enhance the body's metabolism and thus burn more fat, continually. According to iSatori Technologies, since its introduction in March of 2002, Lean System 7 has received numerous anecdotal reports from users of improved body composition and weight loss. If you'd like more information about Lean System 7 or 7-Keto, I suggest you read the product's Lean System 7 frequently asked questions here.

RS: I want to thank you, and I'm certain our readers want to thank you, for spending valuable time with us today, and we really look forward to hearing from you again in the near future with more exciting discoveries, as well as new research on 7-Keto.

Dr. Zenk: I appreciate your taking the time to listen. And, it would be my pleasure to speak to you again soon.

John L. Zenk, M.D., is a board-certified doctor of internal medicine with over 20 years of clinical experience. His expertise is integrating conventional and alternative medicine with a special interest in anti-aging and obesity research. Dr. Zenk is the author of Living Longer in the Boomer Age and contributing author of The Doctors' Prescription of Healthy Living (Advanced Research Press).

"Lean System 7 Research Report:"

The Science Behind Why Lean System 7 Should Work For You

— by Stephen Adele, Editor-in-Chief | Real SOLUTIONS

Exciting, new discoveries in the world of nutritional sciences have led me to believe we've finally crossed the chasm into a new frontier in physique enhancement and bodyfat reduction. Make no mistake, we're not talking about some measly, temporary weight loss. We're talking about getting rid of ugly, unwanted bodyfat... once and for all. You know, those last eight to 10 stubborn pounds that seem to stick like glue or those last few inches that cling to your belly.

Well, I'm convinced, by the time you finish reading this special report, you're going to be so excited about the information you're about to learn, you'll click and place your risk-free order today, so you can start to put it to good use.

What is this new frontier? Well, it's not a new training device. It's not a prescription drug. And, it's not a new weight-loss bar either. I'll explain exactly what it is in a moment, but first, let's take a closer look at the real problem surrounding shedding bodyfat and the only options we've had available so far.

The Real Reason It's So Damn Hard to Shed Bodyfat

For men, having rock-hard, chiseled abs is the ultimate target. For women, having a toned, firm butt is just as important. The abdominal area is where men carry most of their bodyfat (a.k.a., the "spare tire"), just as the hips and buttocks are the "trouble area" for most women... and they're both usually the last area to get "ultra-defined" whenever you're trying to get into great shape.

Unfortunately, sometimes factors that are beyond our control—such as age and genetics—make it seem literally impossible to "sculpt" a great midsection or "tone" a well-defined rear end.

I'm sure you can relate to this: you've probably even experienced this dilemma firsthand. No matter how hard you diet, no matter how many sit-ups you do, or how many hours of aerobics you perform, your midsection or butt just doesn't ever reach that lean, toned, ultra-defined look you want. Never.

The reason: a little known scientific fact. The older you get, past the age of 25, the harder it is to lose fat (and the easier it is to pack on unwanted pounds) around the midsection or hips because the metabolism starts to rapidly decline, which makes your energy levels drop AND severely impairs your body's ability to burn fat.

Pseudo-Solutions and Their Ugly Side Effects

Many people who have attempted to overcome a declining metabolism in an attempt to lose weight and alter their physiques have resorted to various synthetic or herbal compounds. But in my (and many of those in the medical field) opinion, they've gone about it the wrong way. One such crude method people turned to in the past was a compound similar to the amphetamine class of drugs called ephedrine. In fact, ephedrine has gained immense popularity as the primary ingredient in many over-the-counter weight-loss formulas before its recent ban. Technically speaking, ephedrine does induce thermogenesis (the breakdown of bodyfat), yet its effect on the metabolism (the body's primary fat-burning mechanism) is temporary and short-lived.

Unfortunately, ephedrine can also become addictive and cause side effects ranging from dry mouth, nervousness (anxiety), or headaches to more serious adverse reactions, such as an abnormal heartbeat or seizures, both of which can be fatal. See, ephedrine has a peripheral effect in the body. It stimulates a hormone called epinephrine (also known as adrenaline), which stimulates the central nervous system and causes "uncontrollable excitability" or what many people refer to as the "jitters." This can be quite dangerous and is why I typically don't recommend using ephedrine at all.

Although if used in recommended dosages, it's probably not a threat to most people, I think it's just not worth the risk. And besides that, ephedrine doesn't really help you burn all that much bodyfat anyway. In a study, it was reported that 20 mg of ephedrine burned approximately 12 extra calories over a three-hour period. (Heck, you could burn that amount of calories taking a shower!) On top of that, at least 75% of the weight loss attributed to ephedrine is a direct result of appetite suppression. That's the absolute worst way to lose weight, as it brings your metabolism to a screeching halt. Typically then, any weight loss is usually water weight. Make no mistake, water loss is not the same thing as bodyfat reduction. Only the loss of bodyfat will dramatically change your physical appearance. Plus, once you stop using ephedrine, you run the risk of quickly returning back to your original bodyweight.

A Natural, Better Way to Boost Your Body's Ability to Burn Fat

Fortunately, some of the world's leading scientists have teamed up to discover safe, natural alternatives to substances such as ephedrine. Over the past five years, a number of breakthroughs have occurred in fat-loss/weight-loss technology. And now, scientific evidence has uncovered a remarkable, new way to safely and naturally activate our bodies' metabolism, without the use of harmful substances like ephedrine. A true, revolutionary breakthrough. Exciting, isn't it?! The "secret" is advanced triple-action metabolic activation—a unique system of nutrients that work synergistically to "activate" the body's metabolism to safely burn bodyfat all day long—found only in a new, specially engineered formula called Lean System 7™. Maybe you've already heard about it? I'm ecstatic to report, I've tried it myself for over two years, and the best word I can think of to describe it is simply UNBELIEVABLE! It's one of those things you have to try for yourself to see and feel the difference.

The Nuts and Bolts—Here's How it Works

Lean System 7 is unlike anything out there. To start, I even hesitate to call it "ephedrine free" because it was never built on ephedrine to begin with. See, many of the companies who developed their weight-loss products using ephedrine have recently removed it (because it's recently been banned by the FDA because it poses such serious health risks) and now call their products "ephedrine free." Yet amazingly, they still use the same marketing claims as before. I find this highly suspect and question the effectiveness of the "new" formula. Don't you? Only time and real scientific research will tell me otherwise.

Lean System 7, on the other hand, is the first and only scientifically based formula developed without ephedrine to help you get and stay lean! The synergistic combination of patented nutrients found only in Lean System 7 was designed to penetrate and attack fat cells by way of three revolutionary mechanisms—to "activate" the metabolism—enabling the body to burn bodyfat all day strong.

Let me tell you a little more about each of the potent nutrients you will find inside Lean System 7 and how they work:

    1) First, Lean System 7 contains a rich supply of yerba maté and guarana, natural herbs shown in a recent study to support long-term weight loss, working synergistically to enhance thermogenesis—the body's ability to free fatty acids and use them for energy. One recent study found that subjects who supplemented with this combination lost 11 times more weight than those subjects who did not take this combination. And the amazing part was, these individuals kept their weight off for an additional 12 months. One note, this study involved another supplement called damiana, but the researchers behind Lean System 7 felt this herb's contribution to the results was insignificant and thus chose not to include it in Lean System 7. Fair enough. Heck, they know better than I do. (They're scientists in lab coats; I'm just a guy in a fancy T-shirt from the Gap.)

    2) Second, Lean System 7 supplies the precise amount of Citrus aurantium, a natural herbal stimulant, which has been shown in studies to promote thermal "up-regulation" and accelerate calorie burning, which helps mobilize and break down bodyfat. Working together with the only quality- and purity-tested, patented form of Coleus forskohlii, ForsLEAN©, to help increase and compound the effects of fat metabolism, breaking down even more stored fat cells, especially in those hard-to-reach areas.

    3) Third, Lean System 7 provides the groundbreaking new micronutrient 7-Keto™, a patented compound which, by activating thermogenic enzymes, has been shown to safely "rev up" the basal metabolic rate and thus "burn" calories more rapidly and continually throughout the day, even while resting, as well as inhibit the storage of fat within the body.

This breakthrough compound, which took over 10 years, 21 clinical trials, and $8-million in research to develop, has been acclaimed by many of the leading minds in the industry as the "best" alternative to ephedrine to fight the war on fat. 7-Keto works entirely differently than ephedrine. It doesn't stimulate the central nervous system. Instead, it has been shown in a recent study to increase the levels of a hormone called T3 (although still within a safe range). What's important to note here is that T3 has the most direct, profound effect on the body's metabolism. In fact, one prominent study published in Current Therapeutic Research indicated that 7-Keto users lost three times more bodyfat than those who did not use the supplement, following the same exercise and nutrition regimen. And what's more, 7-Keto has been involved in rigorous safety studies and fared exceptionally well. (Likely because 7-Keto, technically called 3-actyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrsterone, is found naturally in our bodies yet declines in production with age; therefore, we're simply putting back what "Father Time" has stripped away).

The most recent scientific study shows one of the key compounds contained in Lean System 7™ actually helped users lose three times more bodyfat than the placebo group (those who did not use the supplement), and, in yet another shocking study, users lost bodyfat 200% faster than those who dieted and exercised alone.

Finally, dandelion, a mild herbal diuretic, has also been added to prevent the body from retaining unwanted, excess water between the skin and muscle tissue. And another exciting patented compound, Bioperine®, has been included to support the breakdown and absorption of each of the nutrients in Lean System 7, which increases their uptake and use—to achieve full effectiveness.

Together, these seven "active" fat-fighting nutrients work in precise combinations to create the world's first and only advanced triple-action metabolic activation system. As you can see, Lean System 7 is a new breed of supplement… engineered specifically for one job: to penetrate and attack fat cells—to help you lose fat, once and for all. By naturally "activating" the metabolism, you're able to turn back the body's internal clock, safely and effectively, and turn yourself into a 24-hour fat-burning machine! Now how cool is that?!

Results You Can Measure and Others Can See!

One last thing, before I leave you. If you'd like to try Lean System 7, I highly encourage you to ACT NOW. The reason I say this so enthusiastically is because ever since we released news of this incredible formula, stores everywhere have been selling out of Lean System 7. This "consumer frenzy" has made it very difficult to find on store shelves. In fact, sources have told me that serious supply shortages have caused many stores to keep a waiting list of customers waiting to buy it. The reason is the suppliers of one of the key ingredients in Lean System 7—7-Keto—have been faced with serious manufacturing shortages. They simply cannot keep up with demand. And, as they told me, not only is this patented compound expensive to produce, their demand for 7-Keto has far exceeded their supply. The good news is, they've recently caught up. But, for how long is anyone's guess. Therefore, if you're thinking about trying the new Lean System 7—advanced triple-action metabolic activation system—with 7-Keto, I suggest you act now.

Do me a favor, please. After you've tried Lean System 7 for at least four weeks (although I highly recommend using it for eight weeks, since that is the amount of time backed by clinical studies), send me your comments, show me your results, and tell me how much you've completely changed the way you look and feel!

You're Going to Like the Way You Look and Feel—We Guarantee It!

Well, there you have it. If you are serious about getting in really great shape (which, as we all know, isn't easy) and want to lose bodyfat—quickly and safely… then you need to make Lean System 7 a "must-have" on your supplement list! From the evidence reported here, it sure appears Lean System 7 offers solid proof that it may well be the safest, quickest way to lose bodyfat, once and for all!

Order today, risk-free!

Stephen Adele has published numerous articles for magazines around the world, been quoted in several trade publications, appeared on radio shows, conducted seminars around the globe, and is highly sought after by the most prestigious supplement companies as an industry consultant. Over the years, Stephen's philosophy has remained unchanged: The greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of a strong mind, which can yield extraordinary dividends in the form of a stronger, healthier, and more energetic body.